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Dead man's island

Author: John Escott

Genre: Mystery and Adventure

Setting the story: A small part of the story takes place in England and all rest of it takes place in a small private island in Scotland.

One problem presented of the story: The problem presented in the story is the travel that Carol and her mother make to a small private island in Scotland and the events that happened.

Some the major events: The death of Carol's father and whwn Carol opened the locked door and she saw what it contained, she saw that Mr. Ross was Jake Rosso, her favourite singer. "I saw the face of Mr. Ross... Mr. Ross is Jake Rosso."

The problem is soved when: Carol saw the contents of the locked room and she saw that James Ross was Jake Rosso, her favourite singer. He appeared and he told his true story. " Ok, you're right... I am Jake Rosso (...) "I took drugs... I drank a lot of alcohol... I did stupid, terrible things. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop doing it. I was crazy, for a time (...) One night, I was driving my car. I was drunk and I hit somebody. A young girl. She died. I killed her. (...) I was afraid... and so "I killed" him (he feigned his death). This event remained a secret.

I liked and I didn't like the story.
I didn't like the story because the title points to another development wich would be cooler.
I liked the story because it has a lot of mistery until the end, the story is very interesting and I learned a few thing and values with it. I think that Carol is a very determined girl.

Carla Sofia Mesquita
8º 4

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paula garizo disse...

I think you're just like Carol: determined. You've proved you can overcome your difficulties through hard work. Well done!