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The secret garden

Author: Frances Hodson Burnett

One problem presented in the story: There was a 10-year-old boy called Colin Craven who was all day and night in his bedroom (so depressed and allways crying) because he had a crooked back as his father (Mr. Archibald Craven). He was so bad-tempered, disagreeable and spoilt. All the servants had to do everything that he wanted, because if he became angry, he would also become ill. Colin's mother died ten years ago, and because of that his father didin't like seeing Colin because he reminded him of his wife. So, nobody seemed to care about Colin, and everybody said that he was going to die.

The problem is solved when: The problem was solved when Mary and Dickon decided to help Colin to get better, and they took him to the mansion's gardens, in his wheelchair, because a doctor had told Colin to go out in the fresh air, but Colin hated it. However, Mary and Dickon made him like fresh air and convinced him to go out of his room.

Some of the major events: For me, the most important and emotional event was in the end of the story, when Mr. Craven saw Colin runing and smiling as a beautiful, healthy and happy boy, and it made him so proud of his son.

I liked the story very much because it isn't a tedious or monotonous story, and because it reflets three important and interesting cases: the firts is a bad-tempered and numb girl (Mary) who became a sensible, kind, and friendly child; the second is a secret and locked garden which the key was buried; and the third is a boy (Colin) who was so ill that everybody said that he was going to die, but when he started going out of his room, getting some fresh air and walking in the gardens, he got better, and changed into an ordinary boy.

Noiala Araújo N.º: 18

Ano/Turma: 8.º 4

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