quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

The island of ghosts

This story tells about a trip of Kevin and Leah to the island of Lilac in called Azores in North Atlantic Ocean. The day after the trip they went to the beach where they found a woman that told them a love story between a pirate and a Portuguese girl. However, Roberto, the pirate never told the girl that he loved her. Maria wanted Roberto to stay with her in the island, but Roberto wanted her to come with him on the boat. On day they stopped talking to each other and Roberto went away. Maria waited for Roberto but he never returned. Kevin and Leah tried to find out what had happened to Roberto and if he loved Maria. When they were eating breakfast, they saw two photographs: one was recent of a cave and there was an old one one but both looked the same. They went to the cave and a ghost took them to a trunk and they decided to go back. The following day they returned with the police, Mr and Mrs Murray and they discovered that inside the trunk there a letters from Roberto to Maria saying that he loved her. But in the end there is a question with no answer: What happened to Roberto?
In the end of the story Kevin and Leah went back home.

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paula garizo disse...

Nelson, I was gladly surprised to see your effort to accomplish this assignment. You did a good job! Keep reading and I'm sure you'll improve your reading and writing skills.