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"Sherlock Holmes-Short stories"-"The Specled Band"

title: Sherlock Holmes-Short stories"-"The Specled Band"

Author: Sir aArthur Conan Doyle

Sumary of the story: Sherlock Holmes and Watson were in their flat when a young woman dressed in black come to see them. She looked tired and cryed. She sat and told the story of her life. She lived with her stepfather. He was a very violent men. He had lived in India and brought wild animals. He liked gipsies too. Elen said that her sister, Julia, had only 30 years when she died. She died before she got married. Elen told Sherlock Holmes that her sister used to hear the songs of falling metals. Holmes thought and decided to visit the house. He investigated all the house. Helen's stepfather wanted her to sleeping to Julia's room. That was a bell-rope and a plate with milk. They didn't have any cats. Holmes and Watson spent the night in Julia's room, because they thought that Elen's life was in danger. They heard a sound, and Holmes hit the bell-rope hard. They heard a cry from the next room. They entered the room and they saw a metal box open and Elen stepfather dead. There was a snake on his head. Holmes discovered that the snake came to the airvent and down the bell-rope to the bed. That was what killed Julia. That snake poison is difficult to find in a dead body. Pulling the bell-rope Holmes made the snake hungry and need to went back to the airvent.

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paula garizo disse...

Álvaro, you can understand what you read very easily and put it down on the paper. Congratulations! I believe you could do even better if you were just a little bit more committed to what you do.