quinta-feira, 12 de junho de 2008

Title: " Voodoo Island"
Author: Michael Duckworth
The story started when Mr. Conway pretended to be rich man and he went to Haiti. During the travelling he met Mrs. Karen. She was writing a book about voodoo and she went to work for an hospital there. While Mr. Conway was trying to get richer she was writing her book and she visited the most important hougan in that Island. As Mr. Conway didn´t have space to build his small town he decided to build his town in a graveyard which was very important to kee ( the hougan) because he had his grandfather buried there. So, the only chance that kee found to solve the problem was using voodoo. With that, Mr. Conway became crazy and went to the hospital where Mrs. Karen worked. Mrs. Karen invited kee to help Mr. Conway but he refused it because he said Mr. Conway would be happy there: he had a big place to live in, with lots of rooms, people came and cleaned the rooms and brought him food, he didn´t have to work, and he had got a lot of money in the bank; It was everything he wanted in life.
I like the story because the message that old kee left makes us think about the impotance of having friends.
Jorge Bastos 8º4

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Can you imagine the results you could get if you didn't talk so much in class? :) You wrote a good essay and you've shown you can do better when you're hardworking.